Whole House Audio/Video Control

Over the last several years, the demand has grown rapidly for multi-room audio/video in homes and businesses. Experience your music and video in different rooms at different volumes all from one, easy to use system. We offer multi-room packages designed to deliver crystal-clear sound throughout your entire home or office at an exceptional value.

Our systems allow you to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated controls. From one user-friendly interface you can choose what to listen to in every room of your house.

Now have jazz playing in the kitchen, classical in the dining room, easy listening on the back porch and oldies in the pool area. Your overall living experience can be enhanced by filling your home or office with your favorite sounds.

Amplifier Audio

Custom Audio Components

The Audio controller, the most important piece of the system will be the heart of your Whole House Audio System.

It’s a multi-functional controller that consists of several parts;

  • a multi-channel amplifier,
  • an advanced audio matrix,
  • and a device control system.

This is the controller box that all of your favorite audio sources get connected to. The high-end technology in this controller can handle all of the functions to play music within your entire home. Features such as On, Off, Pause, Play, Skip forward and backwards that will be controlled via the keypads throughout the home or office.

Group  of audio/video cables on a white background

Top Quality Connection Cables

Think of your audio/ video component cables as the veins that carry the signal throughout your system. Without the highest of quality cables, you cannot expect to deliver the signal your components deserve. This is an area that may not seem as important as the rest of the components in your system but in fact it is one of the most vital. Top quality cables are a necessity.

smart screen on wall with modern living room

Elegant Smart Keypads

Smart keypads are what allows you to control the audio controller wherever they are installed. These keypads allow you to turn your system on and off, control volume, change the source and filter through the various inputs each system has. These keypads add a sophisticated look to any home while being highly functional.

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